Who is BAHB?

Bahb is a master TCE professor and international Baroque and Piccolo trumpet Soloist.

I am Robert J. “Bahb” (Bob) Civiletti. I have been a trumpeter most of my life. I am currently recognized as one of the world’s leading ( Natural) Baroque Trumpet Soloist and Brass Embouchure instructors. I travel around the world teaching the TCE method (Tongue Controlled Embouchure) a systematic approach to embouchure development.

I have studied with Dr. Myer Savits, Carmine Fornarotto, William Vacchiano, Isador Blank, and last but not least Jerome Callet.  During my  years of study with Callet I learned the “Trumpet Yoga Technique” and “Master Super Chops method” and helped to develop the “Tongue Controlled Embouchure” technique that lead to the co-authoring of the book “Trumpet Secrets”. Since my collaboration with Jerome Callet I developed the “TCE Training Manual” that has helped brass players develop a centered tone, perfect intonation and extreme high range. I am the director of the Brass Players’ Studio in my home town of Stanhope, New Jersey.

In 2004 I was the 1st prize winner of the “National Trumpet Competition” for Baroque Trumpet (George Mason University, Virginia USA ).

I am currently performing on a Baroque Trumpet by Rainer Egger of Basil, Switzerland, which is modeled from an original instrument by Johann Wilhelm Haas (Nuremberg 1649-1723).

As a modern Trumpeter, I have played a Piccolo Trumpet soloist, Principal Trumpet with the Sioux City Symphony, the National Symphony Organization in New York City, the Tito Puente Latin Big Band, The Glenn Miller Orchestra and the O.J’s. My travels have taken me across the United States, Japan, and the Pacific Rim.

In the past 11 years I have established an outstanding international reputation as a trumpet soloist, embouchure teacher and guest Principal Trumpet with many Baroque Orchestras. As a (Natural) Baroque Trumpeter, I have  performed in Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Switzerland,                           The Netherlands, Russia, Sweden, Belgium, Luxembourg and the U.S.A.

I have toured and studied (Natural) Baroque trumpet performance techniques extensively with such notables as Friedemann Immer and Edward H. Tarr. I am the founder and performing member of Buccina Cantorum, an ensemble dedicated to the performance style of the Baroque period. Buccina Cantorum performs only on instruments of the Baroque period. Presently, I am Principal Solo Trumpeter with the “Dallas Bach Society” Dallas Texas.My discography includes 3 recordings.

My most recent recording ‘The Art of the High Baroque”, a World Premiere Recoding on Baroque Trumpet was recorded in Belgium with the Belgian Baroque Soloist.  It features 6 of the extreme Baroque trumpet concertos of the late Baroque period known as the Rococo. These 6 concertos have been deemed unplayable on the Baroque Trumpet until now. My first CD “BAHB und FREUNDE” was recorded with Friedemann Immer. It was a  CD of  Trumpet Duets and Solo Trumpet sonatas. It also included 2 world premier Arias by Antonio Caldara. My second CD project, “Music of the Italian Baroque” an all Italian Concert was recorded with my Baroque trio “Buccina Cantorum”.

I invite all players who are seriously interested in either the TCE method or Baroque trumpet playing to contact me at Baroquebahb@aol.com. I will do my best to answer all serious questions.

All the best, BAHB!