The language of the Tongue Controlled Embouchure.

The language of the TCE begins with the spit attack or the spit-buzz. I don’t like using the word buzz because most of us think that we need to make the lips buzz . The buzz is the result of spitting.

The 5 articulations must be learned in order to train the tongue to stay in the forward position. The natural tendency for the tongue is to retreat in the mouth. The 5 articulations are also required if you want to be an expressive trumpeter.

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    • Djbraulio says:

      I started stuidyng this method with Bahb in February this year and feel that it has fundamentally improved every aspect of my trumpet playing. It’s no quick, easy, miracle fix but the concepts have gradually started to work for me over the last few months. Much better articulation than I ever had before; more focused sound; an improvement in accuracy in the higher register. Above all stuidyng this technique has opened the door to me feeling able to continue to enjoy the musical journey with my trumpet.

  2. Sofia says:

    I have fowarded this from my E-mail.Dear Bob,Let me tell you what I like about TCE and what I like about the way you teach the meohtd.Most importantly, TCE works. It’s no mumbo jumbo but a structured and sequential course of study that, if you follow the instructions, will make you a better trumpet player. The instructional videos are wonderful. Each segment is demonstrated (the right way and wrong way)and your(Bahb’s) trumpet playing is sensational. Your approach to teaching in clinics and private lessons is very supportive and I have enjoyed observing your work.Good luck on your blog.Mike Savits

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