Hi Bahb,
Bob Zottola here. I left you a voice mail on your cell phone regarding my interest in your utilization of the Facial-Flex Ultra to strengthen the embouchure muscles.
Since my earliest days of trumpet study, (I started at the age of 11 with my father) I was troubled with a weakness of the embouchure on the right side. It would gradually breakdown and eventually with air escaping, I would have to stop and rest. Dad would just say “keep practicing, it’ll get stronger”. Of course, it has but always lagging way behind the left side. I even had it tested way back many years ago in NYC with a sports medicine neurologist and he verified it with sensors and a computer that the muscles on the right side were indeed firing about 30 % less than the left. He had me playing the horn while hooked up to the computer and focussing on working the right side. I didn’t stay with that training for very long. Who knows, it might have helped if I did?
Since then I’ve been down umpteen roads to try to solve this issue. Fortunately, my present musical demands don’t make it critical that I do but it would certainly be #1 on my bucket list.
Visually, it seems obvious to me that the Triangularis/Depressor Anguli Oris on the right side struggles to hold my embouchure in a stable position while the left doesn’t appear to be stressing at all! Unless an undue amount of attention and concentration is put on holding that area, the result is the right cheek puffing out and eventually an imbalance resulting in early fatigue of the embouchure.
Well Bahb, that’s my Chop Story in a nutshell.
All the best,

Dear Mr. Civiletti,

For a few weeks now I try all the Information on TCE I can find on the Internet. It is absolutely astonishing what improvement I did in controlling my Trombone!!!

But now I would like to get more dedicated Information about it. What would you recommend to by, “TCE Power Training” or “Secrets of the tongue controlled Embouchure”?

Is it possible to get this as download?


Many Thanks

Andreas Bischof

Hey Bahb,
I just want to thank you if I haven’t yet
I appreciate everything you have taught me
Still long way to go but that’s ok